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Fly Without Fear

worried before flight


Does the very thought of flying makes you sick or anxious?  

Does a fear of flying stop you from seeing family or friends or going on holiday?  

Would you like to fly without fear?


This Fly Without Fear programe uses world class tools and techniques along with popular stress/anxiety methods which are being used by:

  • Doctors,
  • Psychologists
  • Top sports professionals (many who have been filmed on national television)
  • 'A' list celebrities
  • Successful Entrepreneurs
  • Virgin Atlantic's Fly Without Fear program
  • Everyday people

These techniques have also been featured on: 

  • Coronation Street
  • Inernational news
  • Documentaries

So why haven't your heard about it? 

This seems to be one of the best kept secrets, however, the tide is turning as more and more people are learning about these amazing tools that you can easily learn to do for yourself to manage how you feel.

I myself had my own terrifying flight experience which created 11 years of not flying, I would rather drive 15 hours than fly 2, but I overcome this by using these techniques alone,   I have also sat next to others on flights and helped them, then and there, to overcome their own fears.  One lady was so terrified, her palms were sweating long before take off, come landing she was calmly looking out of the window, something which she had never thought she could ever do.

I am happy to offer a FREE complimentary 15 minute taster for you to experience how this could work for you.  I can work with you in person or by Skype (or similar).  In a full session you will be given the tools and techniques that will allow you to successfully manage your own fears that may arise.

I can offer personal one:one sessions by the hour, and depending on how quickly and deeply you want to release your fears, I can offer three 1 x hour sessions as a block booking for a reduced rate.  If you are able to visit in person (Wellington, New Zealand) with a friend that also experiences fear of flying, I have put together a 3 hour personal tuition program for you both - the price noted is for the both of you (not individually). 

I also offer a PERSONAL GUARANTEE, that if you get absolutely no change at all in how you feel, then I will refund you.  That's how much I know this works. Top sports professionals and celebrities would not use this if it didn't work!

What are you waiting for - you don't even need to leave your seat to overcome your fear of flying.

Bookings are essential - Contact me now for a free chat or complimentary taster session on how Fly Without Fear can help you. 


No Fear Flying
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