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Angelic & Shamanic Sound Healing - Petone
Experience bathing in pure vibrational & sensory fields as you allow the sound of 99.99% crystal bowls and various shamanic instuments to bath you in their vibrations to take you on your own personal innner journey of deep relaxation, calm and inner awareness.

These events are currently on a Koha / Donation basis in Petone, Plimmerton & Paraparaumu. There is no need to book - just turn up.
7:15pm start
8th November, 2017
Koha / Donation Basis
Petone Library Meeting Room - Access via Peel Car Park at the rear of the library.

Experience bathing in pure vibrational & sensory fields as you allow the sound of 99.99% crystal bowls and various shamanic instuments to take you on your own personal journey of inner peace, deep relaxation, calm and inner awareness.

Our human body is a vibrational entity whose cells are either 'in tune' or 'out of tune' which creates dis-ease or good health. Vibrational Sound Healing sends a resonance through the body to the cells to allow your body to vibrate at its optimum frequency, to create a healing environment.

Sound medicine has long been used as a form of healing, and some have also reported expansive, consciousness-altering experiences.  

Most of our bowls are attuned to the freqency of each Chakra and others on 432 HZ which is said to vibrate with that of the universe and carries with it the properties of light, time, space, consciousness, our Chakras and our DNA code.

Some mats and blankets will be available but please do bring your own where possible.

We look forward to seeing you.

Feedback from previous events

It was a beautiful and powerful evening at the vibrational sound healing last night. Hearing all the bowls was wonderful and I enjoyed the other instruments too. Sitting around together making our own organic sounds made the evening perfect
Thanks Debby and Ron for a wonderful sound experience. It was extremely relaxing and meditative and I felt lifted and completely surrounded by the beautiful sound. Look forward to the next one
I enjoyed the unusual combination & thought it worked well. It was great playing a bowl at the end - very powerful
Thank you so much, what a wonderful evening
Thank you so much for another totally beautiful healing meditation
Thank you Debby & Ron. It was an amazing evening and I feel so much better since. Can't wait for the next one
I love that it is never the same twice running
I went on a beautiful visual journey and met some forest animals who gave me information on what I needed to do to heal a condition.
The sound came from all around, it was amazing how it played in one ear and then the other (note from Debby - this is a very common feedback)
I felt the vibration going right through my body, it felt like my bones were tingling, I've never felt anything like it.
It was so amazing, it was all I could think about until the next one.
The sound of the flute worked really well with the drum to help ground us before playing the bowls.
I experienced a healing
Some of the sounds were not of this world
I went to Debby and Ron’s sound healing and it was just AMAZING. The healing power of the sounds have made such a difference to me. The change was happening during the evening and I have been smiling since. The sound healing has helped me recover from a period of depression and I cannot wait for the next evening.


I really enjoyed that Crystal bowl session. I found it so powerful- I loved hearing and feeling the intensity of the bowls and the shamanic sounds added another layer. I'm feeling relaxed, centered and kind of zingy now

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That was a beautiful experience guys, I will be back later this month for sure.


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