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The Top 5 Reasons Why Not To Use EFT
(27 Jun)
With EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) on the increase and all the talk about it, why would you not use it.

80 questions to uncover limiting beliefs
(27 Jul)
80 questions to help find limiting beliefs to uncover what your subconscious is protecting you from.

How Limiting Beliefs are Created
(7 Jul)
How to recognise limiting beliefs and how to change them

Tapping vs EFT - what's the difference
(22 Jun)
As more and more people are using EFT or tapping to heal, I look at the difference between these.

Tap into Success
(22 Jun)
How to get the edge on your competition by removing the blocks to your own success.

80 questions to uncover limiting beliefs
Negative mind-small
As the years go by the subconscious is constantly being triggered by the look someone gave you, the tone of voice you heard, the smell in the air when you heard the news, the feeling you had when it happened. When the senses are reminded of the event, the belief is reinforced.


How Limiting Beliefs are Created
Our Wall of Core Issues
During the first 6 years of our life everything we see and hear we believe to be 100% accurate, after all, we have no life experiences to tell us otherwise. We build our wall so wide and high that it protects us from our worst enemy, our self. Find out how you can change that?


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