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Card Readings

Oracle card reading is one of my early natural gifts, since the age of 11, and I have read for many hundreds of people, in person, via email or via Skype (or other video chat)

I have numerous decks, including the Raider-Waite tarot cards and various Angel Cards along with other oracle cards which are used as guided.

A recent client from the USA had this to say: -

Debby Emeny is a gifted spiritual advisor and counselor. She uses many gifts to bring guidance and clarity for her clients in finding solutions in their life.

She can utilize divination cards to assist her in connecting with her angels and guides and her client’s angels and guides. Often times, the answers that come to her might be through the use of the cards, but the messages she receives are often much more than the representation of the card, and at times will be much different than the card might be saying. She is always on point as she brings a lot of healing and guidance to her clients

For me, the cards are a doorway to connect with higher dimensions to bring you clarity and answers to the questions you seek.  I am totally genuine with what I see, hear, sense and know, and will provide information that is for your highest good.

If required, all readings come with a FREE audio of your session. 

If you are interested in a reading please Contact Me for more info

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